Wedding Vlog # 006 Mr & Mrs Fournye

Wedding Vlog #006

Venue: Fraser Vintage House

Services Provided: DJ MC & Ceremony

Below Is a video recap of the reception & Ceremony services provided by T&M Entertainment


Hey everybody its disc jockey Toni  from T&M Entertainment today’s date is July 13th, 2019 and we are at the Fraser Vintage House in Fraser Michigan for the wonderful wedding of Mr & Mrs Fournye today you will see our ceremony services DJ services MC are DJ’s skills and one amazing setup and one amazing memorable time so I will catch you in the rest of the vlog.

We had a total of 2 songs for the ceremony Starting with the bridal party and bride walking down to  :

For The Ressoinal The couple had :

As you will see in the rest of the Vlog once we enter the reception area. The setup you are seeing is our premium setup with DJs lights.

We have different packages striping the lights away for a more affordable package or keep them and adding uplighting around the room.


Cake cutting song :

For the couples first dance we had they had the original:

The couple then had a very unique dance with the groom and his daughter with the bride and her father to the all-time classic:

The music selection was a wide variety.  We had traditional line dances. Country, Hip Hop, Pop, 70’s, classic rock, EDM,80’s and throwback 2000’s.

We love with couples have a wide variety of music selections this gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills as DJs to mix in between genres and BPM’S.

Below is an awesome testimonial from the couple and how we did on the memorable day!




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