Wedding Vlog #001 Christina & Jared March 9th 2019

Wedding Vlog #001 

Venue: Ford Piquette Plant Detroit Michigan

Services Provided: Dj & Mc Service

Below Is a video recap of the reception services provided by T&M Entertainment with a review from the couple at the end!

Hello everybody, this is Disc Jockey Toni from T&M Entertainment and today’s date is March 9, 2019. For today’s wedding vlog we have the wonderful wedding of Jared and Christina as the bride and groom. The Wedding reception is being held at the Ford Piquette Plant Detroit Michigan in Detroit Michigan a very iconic rustic and very known plant for making the Model T and many older Ford vehicles from fifty to sixty years ago.

This video above is going to span anywhere from five to ten minutes showing our setup,  how we do lots of different things during the wedding and we’re going to have an on the spot review at the end of the video from the bride and groom themselves to let you guys know how we did on their wedding day.

Today’s wedding was the perfect rustic theme wedding. Such an iconic place to have a big day!.

The setup you saw was our premium setup. Includes Dj booth, Dj speakers (With subs) & Dj lights (Video Below).

The first dance song which you can hear below is on our of favorites because it is a cover of the all-time classic “Can’t Falling in Love with you by Elvis Presley”

The cover is done by Haley Reinhart & adds a very romantic atmosphere with her soft and mesmerizing voice!

The man speaking with the bride and groom next to him was the groom’s father giving a blessing before dinner.

For a brief moment in the video, you can see me pull up my iPad & that’s a software that we use to monitor the sound levels wirelessly during speeches to make sure everyone can hear the person speaking (Video Below)

Many couples are cutting back on getting the big fancy cakes and just getting a small one for cake cutting or the cake in the face! They are also getting cupcakes for guests or pies depending on the season of the wedding. This is a great alternative for couples looking to save some cash on things that will probably be thrown out and not eaten!


The bride was latino decent & the groom german. As you heard from the video we have the knowledge and experience to blend both cultures along with weddings hits together to make the dance floor packed. We also like to throw in some slow songs & classic songs such as “Don’t stop believing By Journey”


Review Transcription

Toni: Hey everybody this Disc jockey Toni from T&M entertainment and I’m here with today’s couple Christina and Jared at the Piquette plant in Detroit Michigan.

I wanted to do one of those live interviews so why don’t you guys go ahead and tell me how did I do today at your wedding? how did T&M entertainment do today?

Christiana: Amazing!

Jared: So many good reviews from people saying the music was great & everything was great.

Christiana: Music Always ALWAYS on point! Everyone was loving it & Dancing the whole time.

Toni: That’s great to hear! how was my professionalism? was I hear on time? Did I setup everything promptly?

Christiana & Jared: Yes everything went great!

Toni: That’s great to hear out of 5 stars how many would you give?

Couple: 5!

Christiana: 10 if I could!

Toni: Well thank you guys I appreciate the review and all the compliments I’m glad I could be apart of your big day to make it memorable & I wish you guys the best with your lives! Thank you so much and this is Disc Jockey Toni Signing off!

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