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T&M Entertainment has the latest and most up to date equipment with regards to DJ speakers, DJ lighting, and DJ booths. We want your Utica MI wedding to sound amazing! That’s why every package we offer comes with subwoofers and top of the line speakers. This gives your Utica MI Wedding a full stereo sound. So you can hear the bass of those old school hip hop jams and have the kick hitting your chest of that classic rock song and hear Whitney Houston’s amazing voice with clarity. T&M’s Utica MI Wedding DJ service also has wireless DJ technology. When a song is hot and the dance floor is packed we step into the audience with our iPad to hear how the levels are of the speakers. We adjust certain sounds of our system on the fly, so you get 100% real and ear-pleasing quality.

Here’s an interesting fact:  80-90% of companies you will talk to aren’t really DJs. They are jukeboxes that play song to song and don’t take requests.


Packages and Choices 

All of our Utica MI Wedding DJ options can be customized to meet ALL tastes of music!  A successful wedding starts with planning for your music, lights, and photo booth services! Our insight into your Utica MI wedding will prove invaluable. We take everything into consideration: the microphone interference, tripping the venues circuit breakers, backup DJs, back up equipment and making sure no one will trip over our equipment. Our Utica MI Wedding DJ packages have other experiences for your big day such as uplighting to set ambiance at your wedding. A monogram to set the mood and the date of your wedding, and dancing on the clouds. We also provide Utica MI Wedding DJ services to all of the Utica Michigan venues, such as Knights Banquet Hall.

T & M Entertainment: The #1 Utica MI Wedding DJ


T&M Plays Requests!

At T&M Entertainment we play ALL REQUESTS. We fit all guests requests into our flawless and seamless mix. After all, you hired a DJ to play the tunes you like. Not a techno remix of the Isley brothers shout. We have all requests and all the songs out there.  With advancements in technology and the internet being everywhere we have data wherever we go. So if there is a song we don’t have on our physical hard drive we can download it from our professional (and legal) DJs sites, and play it for you. #noexcuses Do not ever feel like you will be bothering our DJ’s by walking up to them! Even though you will never bother us, we have made it easy to take requests from social media. Just pick up our social media card on your dinner table. Add us, then Message, DM or Snap your request to us. Talk about the 21st century.

When searching for a Utica MI Wedding DJ, there are many to choose from, but only T&M Entertainment has the experience and skill of a real wedding DJ.




Our Utica MI Wedding DJ service provides a huge music library with over **1 million songs** on our physical hard-drive with over 35 genres ranging from the 50’s to the present. Our Utica MI Wedding DJ service can customize and create a music experience that focuses specifically on what each wedding couple would love to hear on their special wedding day. A music sheet can be given before your big day so we can have those favorite tunes ready to go. Your guests can make requests. You read that right! How many weddings have you been to where the DJ says “sure I will play your request “but never does? How many DJs have told you “I don’t have that song”?

The T&M Difference!

These “other types” of DJ services try to sell you on their fancy and expensive equipment, vs the core service you are trying to hire…a DJ! What makes T&M Entertainment different from everyone else is that we are real DJs! What does that mean? We don’t spin like jukeboxes. We mix music together artistically. You can hear one song flow into another flawlessly and seamlessly. We read our crowds. We are not going to have our faces buried behind the computer screen all night we are actually going to look at you and If we see a song is not doing to hot we mix one song into another one. If a song is doing great, we let it ride out (The meaning of “Jockey”). We play the right music at the right time. You can’t play “Shot’s” by LMFAO during dinner right? I mean If your cool with it we are too, but I’m sure you get the point.

Cheap Dj Vs Pro Dj
T&M Entertainment’s Utica MI Wedding DJ service likes all of our clients to understand the difference between hiring a cheap DJ vs a DJ that brings value. Cheap DJs look amazing on the cover with their price but please understand they are charging this cheap rate for a reason.

They typically are inexperienced, beginners, and jukeboxes. We understand everyone has to start somewhere but your holiday party DJ Service is not a nonperishable item. You can’t return the Dj Service the next day after the evening’s entertainment was horrible.

You may attend more weddings in the years to come but having a cheap DJ will also not any guests at your wedding happy. This is one of the biggest days in your lives as a couple you don’t need the person that just started buying Dj speakers or mics. DJ’s that bring value to the table doesn’t just have experience but knowledge. Music and musical genres are a big thing.

Attitude & Appearance

We at T&M Entertainment have only positive attitudes. The Utica MI Wedding DJ service is more than just a DJ for that evening. They are the go-to person for music, timeline, being entertaining & being a symbol of a friendly & good time. We handle ourselves as if we were a guest in your home.

Checking in time to time, listening to what you need at your event and remembering to smile. Our DJs talk with guests and let people know who we are and that we are open to requests or the occasional social media selfie.

We never use profanity or be rude to your guests. We make sure that we follow all venue procedures including proper load in area, coordinating with the venue about the timeline for the day & Being insured along with being respectful to the venues premise.

T&M Entertainment doesn’t just wear a suit we like to express the difference and value you get with our DJ Service by adding a unique modern look to our DJs. For wedding we like to wear colors depending on the season. More bright in the summertime and more dark for the fall and winter weddings.

s guests know who we are from a distance but also keeping a classy professional look. Inviting them to be engaging with us, ask us about music and what’s on the playlist tonight. After all, you are hiring a DJ Service. You want that DJ service to be entertaining from all aspects.

Not just the music. Your DJ service should have a personality. Not just from talking to guests but when they say things on the microphone to their style and presentation. There isn’t a one DJ service that fits all but having an upbeat, energetic, polite and artistic DJ will come a long way in the success of your Utica MI Wedding.

Choose T&M Entertainment as your Utica MI Wedding DJ! Call Us: 586-229-7668

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