Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI

Prom Dj Ann Arbor MI

We at T&M Entertainment have the most up to date DJ equipment for your Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI. We can host proms from 50 – 5000 students! We make sure there is quality to our DJ speakers and event lighting. Having not just an excellent DJ experience, but also outstanding sound experience.

Many DJ companies will go on and on about their latest speaker or cool light setup that they bought. Our prom DJ Ann Arbor MI service likes to focus on solving problems with our equipment and/or technology by bringing the DJ market into the 21st century. Many DJ services say they play requests, but they don’t because they don’t have access to as many song choices as we do.

Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI

Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI

At T&M Entertainment we use technology to solve that problem by having the internet wherever we go. We have access to professional DJ repositories that we use to download music legally and use it to download music requests that we might not have readily on hand. We will play all requests at the right time, but we balance a dance floor that is packed vs a dance floor that has no one on it. We have the ability to plug in other entertainers and mix them with our sound system.

Most DJ’s cannot do this because they bring a turntable setup and a computer, and that’s it. We take things to the next level by adding a high-end line mixer. For short, it gives us the ability to put multiple microphones, instruments, and entertainers through the same sound system. Our mixer is also wireless.

This solves two major issues:

  1. The first one is that most DJs don’t know sounds levels and can’t hear it behind the DJ booth. We walk around with our sound monitoring iPad during dinner or a socializing hour and listen to the levels of each song and make sure guests can talk with the appropriate volume.
  2. We also do this for a short period of time during the dancing portion of the evening. When the dance floor is packed. We step out into the audience and listen to the volumes to make sure everyone at your Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI event can hear everything fully… with clarity and stereo sound.

Your Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI will bring a memorable experience to your school’s prom. Throughout the year your Students and peers have worked hard and typically this is one of the many rewards that your school gives back. Your students look forward to meeting other students and partying with them at their first or final prom.

The students are not only looking to have a good time, but to remember their prom. Many schools have a group of students that are looking for music that nowadays is played at a nightclub or festival (all clean of course).

Choosing Your Next Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI

Just imagine the students walking in the following Monday or contacting each other saying how amazing their prom was. It was so organized, fun, social and most of all memorable.

Does this sound like something that will fix your DJ service entertainment problem? T&M Entertainment is the logical choice! We make your prom fun, engaging and memorable by understanding what our client’s needs are and acting on them. Are they looking for an interactive DJ or some that are more laid back? Either one can be accomplished we just need to know beforehand, so we can pick the right DJ for your Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI event.

We like to pick the DJ that is best for your event. We don’t have a factory style of DJ’s, but more of a referral circle of DJs. We have known theses DJs professionally and personally for a long time. Understanding their personalities and what kind of DJ they are.

Some are hype some are laid back, but we can promise that we have the DJ that will fit your event perfectly. You get a personalized experience from the start. Once we tell you we have a DJ that will fit the gig. We send them out to do the talking, dj’ing and the cleanup at your Prom DJ Ann Arbor MI.

Many companies will send out different people for different jobs, but we like to be more personal, so you can deal with just one person. While you deal with all the fun and exciting prom festivities.

Choose T&M Entertainment as your Ann Arbor MI Prom DJ! Call us at586-229-7668


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