Party DJ Detroit Michigan

Party DJ Detroit Michigan

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T & M Entertainment Music Library

Our Party DJ Detroit Michigan service provides a huge music library with over 1 million songs on our physical hard-drive with over 35 genres ranging from current top 40 and clean versions of hip hop music. Our Party DJ Detroit Michigan service can customize and create a music Experience that expresses specifically what each private party is looking for!

T & M Entertainment Take Music Requests

Your guests can make requests. You read that right! How many weddings have you been to where the DJ says “sure I will play your request”,  but never does? How many DJs have told you “I don’t have that song”? at T & M Entertainment we play ALL REQUESTS. We fit all guests requests into our flawless and seamless mix.

After all, you hired a DJ to play the tunes you like. Not a techno remix of the song you are asking for. We have all requests and songs out there. Wait a minute… didn’t we just say that we only have 1 million? With advancements with technology and internet being everywhere, you are. We have data where ever we go. So if there is a song we don’t have on our physical hard drive we can download it from our professional and legal DJs sites and play it for you.

Party DJ Detroit Michigan

Party DJ Detroit Michigan

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Social Media Song Requests – Party DJ Detroit Michigan

You ever feel like you might be bothering the DJ by walking up to them? Even though you will never bother us we made it easy to take requests from social media. Just pick up our social media card on your dinner table. Add us, then Message, DM or Snap your request to us. This is great for parties with teens in them! Talk about 21st century!

Party DJ Detroit Michigan Technology

When a song is hot, and the dance floor is packed we step into the audience with our iPad to hear how the levels are of the speakers. We aDJust certain sounds of our system live so you get 100% real and ear-pleasing quality.

The truth is you can dish out a ton of money for DJ equipment and buy the same thing. What makes T & M Entertainment different from everyone else? We are real DJs! What does that exactly mean? We don’t spin like jukeboxes we mix music together artistically.

You can hear one song flow into another flawlessly and seamlessly. We read our crowds.  We aren’t going to have our faces buried behind the computer screen all night we are going to look at you and If we see a song is not doing to hot we mix into another one.

If a song is doing great, we let it ride out (The meaning of “Jockey”).

Party DJ Detroit Michigan – Music Selection

There are tons of genres and songs out there. Many guests at you Party DJ Detroit Michigan are different ages and from different eras. Today’s music is not just about playing the Top 40 hits but understanding the culture behind the music and why young employees listen to it.

When a song is trending in the USA and has a dance to it. We just don’t have the song. We research why the songs are viral. Understanding and educating other guests about the song. Yesterdays music will always be classics.

We have all hits from all eras for older events such as anniversary partys as well.

A DJ that brings value always brings back up equipment. Things go wrong time to time but can a cheap DJ be ready to change out equipment that does not work during the event and keep the party going? A DJ that brings value can. DJs that bring value to know all the moving parts in a wedding. From playing light music dinner to coordinating the entire day.

Attitude & Appearance

We at T&M Entertainment have only positive attitudes. Your Party DJ Detroit Michigan is more than just a DJ for that evening. They are the go-to person for music, timeline, being entertaining & being a symbol of a friendly & good time.

We handle ourselves as if we were a guest in your home. Checking in time to time, listening to what you need at your event and remembering to smile. Our DJs talk with guests and let people know who we are and that we are open to requests or the occasional social media selfie.

We never use profanity or be rude to your guests. We make sure that we follow all venue procedures including proper load in area, coordinating with the venue about the timeline for the day & Being insured along with being respectful to the venues premise.

T&M Entertainment doesn’t just wear a suit we like to express the difference and value you get with our DJ Service by adding a unique modern look to our DJs. For Partys , we like to wear hip and modern clothings.

This lets guests know who we are from a distance but also keeping a classy professional look. Inviting them to be engaging with us, ask us about music and what’s on the playlist tonight. After all, you are hiring a DJ Service. You want that DJ service to be entertaining from all aspects. Not just the music.

Your DJ service should have a personality. Not just from talking to guests but when they say things on the microphone to their style and presentation. There isn’t a one DJ service that fits all but having an upbeat, energetic, polite and artistic DJ will come a long way in the success of your Party DJ Detroit Michigan.

DJs Not Jukeboxes

T&M Entertainment’s Party DJ Detroit Michigan services provide the experience of a real DJ. Many companies you talk to will sell you on fancy equipment and having the most up to date playlist. Although good equipment and a modern playlist helps.

It won’t solve the problem your company has had in the past of bad DJs aka jukeboxes. You see, a DJ can have all the tools in the world but if they don’t know how to use them they are useless.

What it Means To Be A DJ

Your Party DJ Detroit Michigan will not only DJ like an artist they also understand what It means to be a DJ and understanding the DJ culture. The meaning DJ (Disc Jockey) comes from the old school way of DJing. With discs such as vinyl or cd.

The term Jockey was picked up in the late ’60s when DJ’s first started to become mainstream and it derives from the game polo. Where sportsmen would jockey the ball all the way to the end of the field and try to score. This is applied to DJ’s when they jockey a song to the end from vinyl or disc.

A DJ is more than just someone that plays music. A truly great DJ, just for the moment, can make a whole room fall in love. Because DJing is not about choosing a few tunes. It is about generating shared moods; it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place.

In the hands of a master, records create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people’s lives. Our team of DJs are not in the business for revenue but for passion.

Our owner and top DJ Disc jockey Toni was raised since the age of 5 from his father mentoring of over ( to this date) 35 years for being a DJ. Taken over the family business and providing a 110% continuation of his father’s legacy. Time to time we even bring out Toni’s father to DJ to give our clients the experience of a 35-year veteran.

Cheap DJ Vs Pro DJ

T&M Entertainment’s Party DJ Detroit Michigan service likes all of our clients to understand the difference between hiring a cheap DJ vs a DJ that brings value. Cheap DJs look amazing on the cover with their price but please understand they are charging this cheap rate for a reason.

They typically are inexperienced, beginners, and jukeboxes. We understand everyone has to start somewhere but your Party DJ Detroit Michigan Service is not a non perishable item. You can’t return the DJ Service the next day after the evening’s entertainment was horrible.

When you first hear how much a Party DJ Detroit Michigan actually costs you might be in shock, It’s just a person playing a playlist right? This is not the case. A DJ can make your night memorable or a nightmare and the cost of your DJ will show it. Not sure what we are talking about? read below!

A good friend of mine was in the market to buy a bicycle. He went down to the local bike shop and saw the price of a bike he liked. It was $200. He said … that’s kinda steep. He went down to the discount store and saw a bike for $50. He went ahead and bought that bike.

3 months into buying that bike. The handlebars started to fall off. He went down to the repair shop and they said it will cost $50 to fix the handlebars and add new ones. Another month passed by and the chain needs to be replaced.

The store says the cost will be $25 to replace. 7 Months into having his Discounted bike the entire chain and brakes came apart. He went back to the store again and they said it will cost $90 to fix. At this point, He was fed up.

He went back to the original store and bought the $200 bike. The discounted bike only lasted him 7 Months… Do you know how long his $200 bike lasted? 12 years with no issues. He still rides it till this day.

High price bike $200 and it lasted 12 years

Discount Bike $50 + $50 + $25 + 90 = $215 and it lasted 7 months

When looking to hire a Party DJ Detroit Michigan. Is it Price or is it cost you are concerned with? The reason here at T&M Entertainment we stress that strongly is simply this. A lot of people can beat us on Price. but nobody can beat us on Cost. Since Price is a one-time thing and Cost is a lifetime thing. Wouldn’t you want the best possible lowest cost?

Choose T & M Entertainment as your Party DJ Detroit Michigan!

You need a Party DJ Detroit Michigan…we want your business! Give us the opportunity to make your wedding one you and your guests will never forget! There are many other disc jockeys out there, but our Detroit Wedding DJ service will EXCEED all your expectations! Our 5 Star Google Reviews speak for themselves! We let our fans do our talking!

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