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When you first hear how much a Corporate Event DJ actually costs you might be in shock, It’s just a person playing a playlist right? This is not the case. A Corporate Event Dj can make your night memorable or a nightmare and the cost of your DJ will show it. Not sure what we are talking about? read below!

A good friend of mine was in the market to buy a bicycle. He went down to the local bike shop and saw the price of a bike he liked. It was $200. He said … that’s kinda steep. He went down to the discount store and saw a bike for $50. He went ahead and bought that bike. 3 months into buying that bike. The handlebars started to fall off. He went down to the repair shop and they said it will cost $50 to fix the handlebars and add new ones. Another month passed by and the chain needs to be replaced.

The store says the cost will be $25 to replace. 7 Months into having his Discounted bike the entire chain and brakes came apart. He went back to the store again and they said it will cost $90 to fix. At this point, He was fed up. He went back to the original store and bought the $200 bike. The discounted bike only lasted him 7 Months… Do you know how long his $200 bike lasted? 12 years with no issues. He still rides it till this day.

High price bike $200 and it lasted 12 years

Discount Bike $50 + $50 + $25 + 90 = $215 and it lasted 7 months

When looking to hire a corporate Event DJ for your company’s party. Is it Price or is it cost you are concerned with? The reason here at T&M Entertainment we stress that strongly is simply this. A lot of people can beat us on Price. but nobody can beat us on Cost. Since Price is a one-time thing and Cost is a lifetime thing. Wouldn’t you want the best possible lowest cost?

Choose T&M Entertainment as your Corporate Event DJ! Call Us: 586-229-7668

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