Prom Vlog #001 Washtenaw International High School

Prom Vlog #001

Venue : Polo Fields Ann Arobr MI

Services Provided : Dj, Mc & Uplighting

Below is a recap video of the services provided by T&M Entertainment with a review from the head teacher!

Hey, everybody Disc Jockey Toni From T&M Entertainment. Today’s date is April 27th, 2019 and we are at polo fields in ann arbor MI for Washtenaw international high schools prom.  Today you are going to see our premium uplighting, DJ lights and sounds system that is perfect for 150-200 students. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us and we have all clean music because we gotta keep it clean but clean and classy for schools catch you soon!

Below is a preview of our sound system and DJ lighting package in this vlog!

The class of 2019’s song was:

The biggest hit of the prom and currently was : 

 this is a very iconic song that started off from a video game called Red Dead Redemption and turned into an overnight hit!

You can view our latest playlists of the 3 main genres we feel students listen to currently. The Spotify versions are explicit but keep in mind that we have all clean versions.

Note: When you switch to a different playlist make sure you hit the pause button on the last playlist



TOP 40


The students had a wide variety of music that was new and old. We have access to unlimited throwbacks and classic hits we even threw in some journey and Michael Jackson!

Live Review!


Review Transcription

Toni: Hey Everybody its disc jockey Toni from T&M Entertainment and I am here with Dan the head teacher of today’s prom. Dan, how were things tonight?

Dan: It was great, things were great and you have been great to us for the last 5 years!

Toni: That’s great to hear! and thank you for letting people know that we have been having this partnership for a while and how do you think the kids did? did they have a good time?

Dan: Oh yeah! you had me and my wives song and thats a good way to tell you did a good job!

Toni: that’s great to hear! and out of 5 stars how many would you give?

Dan: I would give 5 for sure! we would love to keep having you back.

Toni: That sounds great! and thank you Dan enjoy the rest of your night!


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