How much does a wedding DJ cost?

How much does a wedding DJ cost?

We wanted to start off by explaining the difference between hiring a cheap DJ vs a DJ that brings value.

Cheap DJs look amazing on the cover with their price but please understand they are charging this cheap rate for a reason. Below we have a picture and video to showcase the difference between the two!

How Much does a wedding DJ cost?

Cheap DJ Above ^ Yikes!

DJ that provides value In the Video ^ That’s more like it <3

See the difference? I’m sure you can hear it to!

Cheap DJs typically are inexperienced, beginners, hobbyists, jukeboxes. We understand everyone has to start somewhere but your wedding DJ Service is not a nonperishable item. You can’t return the Dj Service the next day after the evening’s entertainment was horrible.


What if I get a family member or someone at the wedding to DJ?

Wedding DJ

Many couples think to hire someone in the family for cheaper.

“We can get our uncle Ron to do it”

“Cousin Jeff has some speakers and a laptop lets just pay him to do it”

“Let’s get one of the bridal party to DJ”

We have seen and heard it all. The bottom line is, you pay for what you get for when hiring a Wedding DJ. Unless Uncle Ron runs a 5-star DJ company that is a different case but 98% of the time when you hire a cheap DJ. They are a hobbyist or someone just getting started. The season pros have done their craft for a while and have done tones of weddings to back it up. Keep Scrolling for a PRO DJ Setup 

Wedding DJ


When you first hear how much a wedding DJ charges you might be in shock, It’s just a person playing a playlist right? This is not the case. A DJ can make your night memorable or a nightmare and the cost of your DJ will show it. Not sure what we are talking about? read below!

A good friend of mine Matt was in the market to buy a bicycle. He went down to the local bike shop and saw the price of a bike he liked. It was $200. He said … that’s kinda steep. He went down to the discount store and saw a bike for $50. He went ahead and bought that discounted bike.

3 months into buying that discounted bike. The handlebars started to fall off. He went down to the repair shop and they said it will cost $50 to fix the handlebars and add new ones. Another month passed by and the chain needs to be replaced.

The store says the cost will be $25 to replace. 7 Months into having his Discounted bike the entire chain and brakes came apart. He went back to the store again and they said it will cost $90 to fix. At this point, He was fed up.

He went back to the original store and bought the $200 bike. The discounted bike only lasted him 7 Months… Do you know how long his $200 bike lasted? 12 years with no issues. He still rides it till this day.

High price bike $200 and it lasted 12 years

Discount Bike $50 + $50 + $25 + 90 = $215 and it lasted 7 months.

Hold on a second!

I thought I searched for “how much does a wedding DJ cost” Not a story about a bike…

Take away the bike and my good friend Matt and replace the two with YOU and your wedding.!

You found a local Pro Wedding Dj Service such as T&M Entertainment that charges $1000 for Wedding DJ services. that has DJs that are seasoned veterans and know the moving parts of a wedding, have pro sound systems, amazing DJ Lights & Attention-grabbing MC skills  You say “That’s kinda steep’

As you search more another DJ service that charges a discounted rate of  $500 and you sign up with them for the cover price.

5 months away from your wedding you have your first phone call with this discounted DJ service and you ask about the MCing portion of the evening.

They say “I don’t MC I’m just a DJ” Your heart stops” you now have to search and waste time that you could be using to plan other aspects of your big day.

You find an mc for $300 

1 month before the wedding another question comes up for your DJ about dance floor lighting… “I don’t have that”

Again with that time wasting thing…

Now you have to dish out $500 for DJ Lights

Total Price for the discounted DJ $1300

Total Price for a Pro DJ $1000

The time that you can get back from the discounted DJ? None…

Time you saved with a Pro DJ from the start? Priceless!

When looking to hire a wedding DJ. Is it Price or is it cost you are concerned with?

The reason here at T&M Entertainment we stress that strongly is simply this.

A lot of people can beat us on Price. but nobody can beat us on Cost. Since Price is a one-time thing and Cost is a lifetime thing. Wouldn’t you want the best possible lowest cost?

How much does a wedding DJ cost

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