DJ Insurance and Wire Organization

DJ Insurance and Wire Organization

Should your DJ have insurance at the event your having?

DJ insurance


Many guests don’t think of situations that might happen at events but we see disasters waiting to happen all the time.

T&M Entertainment is insured as a licensed DJ business. Covering areas such as accidental damage, stolen equipment, medical coverage, damage to venue electrical systems, bridal party or uncle Jim dropping the mic during a speech or toasts (That is more common than you think).

Pro DJs check these things from a venue to make sure guests and the building are safe.


Djs that are pros will ask the venue is they have standard power outlets and if they have had any issues in the past with entertainers using their power.

They also know how much power they will need to get from the venue. Bigger system = MORE POWER and if the venue can handle that much of a system for your event.


Djs that are seasoned veterans will make sure their setup will fit in the space you give them. Making sure nothing is laying around and no one bumps anything.

Most djs like to use tape. All though this solves the problem it can damage venues carpets. At T&M Entertainment  we like to use these wire concealers

These wire concealers make sure our wires dont get ruined from tape and foot steps. These also light up in the dark so guests can see them.

They are also made to be stepped on as you saw in our video so guests can step right on them as they know it is a hazard that they can step on.

Venue Load In/Out

Dj companies like to carry around bags for their equipment and strapping 5- 6 bags at a time. This is wrong for two reasons one it can hurt the DJ and two they can knock over an expensive vase in the hall way.

at T&M Entertainment

We use RoadCases 

They are wooden boxes on wheels that help us load in premium equipment easily and fast while not damaging the walls or property of the venue.

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